Maribor - Ljubjlana - San Martino di Castrozza

Rally competition has been getting serious and there has been a lot of accidents as a result. Since my last post there has been 4 rally cars involved in accidents! The stages are tough and the roads are extreemly hairy. Luckily we have managed to stay safe and keep our lead. Our last day in slovenia was a hot one but we were treated with some amazing scenery in the mountains. We barely spent any time going straight! It seemed to be switchbacks all day. At some stages i recall looking down the ravines at full speed and thinking that there is certain death down the side. Anyway after a long day we had a nice dinner with Jim and Tanya as well as mike and Andrew. Todays drive to San Martino di Castrozza was a real challenge. It rained so much that the car started filling with water. I recall dad saying that his balls were floating! Our seats were that wet that if i had farted it would have made bubbles! Anyway we had thousands of switchback up and down lots of mountains all day. On one of the competitive stages we started in thick fog and finished above the clouds. The scenery was amazing but we were under extreme time pressure so there was no time to look. We made it in to the final control with seconds to spare. Tonight our hotel is at a ski field which is very spectacular and tomorrow we move into Switzerland.