Peking to Paris 2016

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Peking to Paris 2016

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Budapest - Maribor 424 km

Today was an exciting day of rallying. It was scorching hot and by mid morning everyone was covered in sweat except for those in the modern Mercedes and datsuns with air con! They did cop a lot of shit about being pussies. We are now in tour mode especially with my crook guts so Dad and i had a slow day looking at sights and preserving the car. There is a very exciting race for second place at the moment. Mike and Andrew’s lead has shrunk for 19 minutes down to 4 in the last few weeks as ‘the devon bandits’ have their eyes on second place. The funny part about it is Nigel the co driver is Andrews chook vet so he risks loosing his biggest client if he challenges Andrew for the silverware. Anyway its neck and neck and we are enjoying watching the daily battle. Also today on the third test section Jim and tania Clarke put their ford off the road and did enough damage to make it a late night for them. We were first on the scene and we yelled out to no response! It was terrifying because we immediately thought the worst. We both rushed to undo our harnesses and drag them out of the car then we heard them from around the corner yelling for us to keep going. We only have 4 days of competition left but we have 19 test sections left to pack into the 4 days! Todays drive we left Budapest and entered Slovenia. Every country closer to the Uk we go the more affluent it seems to become. And the change is noticeable right as you pass the boarder sign. We stopped for lunch at a restaurant on a lake and ate some goulash and tonight we are staying in a ski resort. Everything is well with the car and we still maintain our strong lead despite our ‘touring’ competitive section times.

Brest - Rezszow - kostice - Budapest

We have been extremely busy and had limited internet so the blogs have not been up to date. We have been crushing along at a steady pace, trying to keep our lead but not wreck the car. Our test stages in Europe have been particularly dangerous but one car rolling down a rivine and other tipping on its side in the same day. Thankfully none has been hurt! Just another reason for us to slow down and not take any risks. Europe has been amazing with the harvest in full swing. There is always something interesting to look at. Today we have had our rest day in Budapest. I managed to get food poisoning at some stage yesterday so it has been a long 24 hours with my head and arse in the toilet. The doctors gave me a deep muscle injection to stop my vomiting and i have rested all day so hopefully i will be back on my game tomorrow. Today dad has changed the spark plugs and the air filter in the car so she should be running good as ever tomorrow! I will have more photos and stories for the rest of the trip ASAP.

minsk - brest 494 km

Our day started off bad as we noticed a soft tire as we left the hotel. Within 4 km it had gone completely flat. So by the time we changed it out we were already on the back foot. We hammered down the highway to make up for lost time. We complete our first two test sections in cracking times with one 1st place and one 3rd. We were both pretty stoked as we weren’t pushing overly hard. As we cruised down the highway it started to rain! All of a sudden there was an almighty downpour. We had hail, lightning and gale forced winds. We couldn’t see a thing but carried on at 125 km/h with our noses night unto the windscreen to avoid getting wet. About 5 minutes after the storm had settled the old man said “oh shit! no wonder it was so dark! i had my sunglasses on” Bloody idiot!  We carried on to our next section where the line was massive and the road was rough! We had a huge amount of slow cars in front of us and they were letting people off at 30 second intervals. This lead to a mess! There was people crashing into the back of each otters and people fighting because certain slow driers wouldn’t allow others to pass. We managed to get away without any dramas just some slow times. We finally reached the hotel and it was not too flash. We are made to put ground sheets under our cars to stop oil dripping on the nice hotel carparks but tonight the ground sheet will be protecting the car from the carpark if anything! It basically a big sand pit. On the way to check in some of our mates, Nigel and Richard accidentally walked into the kitchen. What they saw lead us to eat dinner down the street where we drunk lots of beer and Mike the his Zacweed joke! The hotel in Brest was character building to say the least! From Brest we hit the border into Poland where we have a non competitive day to Rzeszow.

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