Peking to Paris 2016

with Bruce & Harry Washington

Peking to Paris 2016

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The Route in 2016 for #14

Peking to Paris Motor Challenge starts from the Great Wall outside Beijing on Sunday, June 12th and finishes 36 days later with a drive into Paris to cross the finish line in Place Vendome on Sunday, 17th July 2016.

Our route drives into the most adventurous region of Mongolia, the stunningly beautiful northern sector. We will cross into Russia and on to the Republic of Belarus with the support of the Russian motor-federation who worked with us in seeking out long gravel farm-land sections for our Time Trials and drive an exciting new route across Europe with closed-road mountain climbs in the Alps.
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Here you can see the day to day routes we will be travelling on, complete with date, country and kms to be traveled. You will need to scroll down a little on that page. Check it out.

For more details on how we are going in the 2016 Rally please click here to view the daily results, or the Rally reports click here. Our rally email is here.